18 April 2016

This week we spent a lot of the time at the hospital. Hospitals here are more like urgent care. And the only one they have in Juquitiba is the public hospital, which is inefficient and I´m pretty sure only has 10 medicines to choose from. Here we are riding the bus to the hospital:

India Rigel on bus

So why were we there? Sister R. got bitten by some mosquitoes, and the bites started swelling like crazy, and hurting down to her muscles. So we arrived at the hospital, and the doctor prescribed her two injections to take. In the bum.
“I can´t do them there.”
“…Because I´m a missionary….”
In reality, injections in the rear just hurt like crazy, and it´s super awkward to hike up your skirt. So instead she got an IV drip.

The next day she didn´t feel any better, and she woke up with big boil things on the bites resembling really bad poison ivy. So after lunch we took the bus to São Lourenço, the next town over. Their hospital was much nicer, the nurses and secretaries courteous and pleasant. However, then Sister R had no choice. She had to get 2 injections in the rear. One on each side.. Oof. Then we had to sit for a few minutes so she could stop feeling dizzy. On the tv in the waiting room was a Jackie Chan movie, very poorly dubbed into português. We started at it absently for a couple minutes, then left to go buy ice cream.
Don´t worry, she´s doing a lot better now.
We had a chance to go to the Sao Paulo temple last week. I’d never been there before at night. It’s always so peaceful inside.
India SP Temple at Night
One of our investigators cut us this week when I told him he had two options: salvation, or pinga (alcohol). He said “Eu não query sua ajuda mais. Leave me alone.” He speaks English really well. That hurt a lot.
The next day we went to see him anyways. He said “I´m really sorry…I need your help.” But we were realistic with him and told him if he couldn´t control himself and stop drinking every day, we wouldn´t be able to truly help him. He has to act too. He´s back on track now, and went to church yesterday!
Willian, another investigator, now has 8 days without drinking. If he´s able to stop smoking in the next couple days, we´re gonna baptize him this Sunday!!
I´m excited and loving this work more every day.

Sister Westenhaver

P.S. One thing I noticed this week… The moon waxes on the left here. I can´t figure out why!
P.P.S. Here’s our house. It’s the orange one on the left. We live upstairs (that’s not our car).
India Juquitiba House.JPG

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