11 April 2016

We´re still teaching M., and in addition about 4 or 5 other men. They all drink and smoke. So one day we decided to do something… We took a cigarette from one of them, and went and made chá… Tea… We took out the tobacco and put it in the water and made them drink it. It was hilarious watching their faces as they drank. Then we asked, “So do you want to smoke now?” and they just looked at us in horror. Hopefully that lesson will stick.

Also I forgot to talk about a miracle last week. So our recent convert Rodrigo has been accumulating church clothes. He has 2 ties, one white shirt, and some slacks. Before general conference last week, he was working doing some construction, and worrying because he didn´t have dress shoes. He was thinking, “Will I have to go in my casual clothes then?” Then a couple seconds later he walked a little further into the grass and trees and found a pair of black dress shoes. In the jungle. In his size. So he went to conference all arrumadinho (all dressed up) and loved it. God provides if we have the faith. Seriously.

Also this week we made a contact with a man who, upon discovering we´re American, asked if we´d seen the burial place of Elvis Presley…of all the questions.
We ate in restaurants every day this week because no members had time to make us lunch.. So Thursday we went to a place and sat down and I was super excited to go there because they have sushi. I have not eaten sushi since August. So we discuss the menu. in portuguese. And the waiter hears us talk about sushi and salmon and stuff. And then when I look up to order he says “We´re not going to have any of the Japanese food today.” And I was like… “Huh? So like half of the menu?” “Yes.” He replies. There is nothing on the menu stating that sushi is only available on weekends. It was so disappointing. But then we ordered yummy shrimp and squash soup, so it´s all good.

It´s so hot here… still… it should be cooling down here soon. With all the walking around we do I´m as tan as the Brasileiros now.

–Sister Westenhaver

These are some of the hills we walk up and down all day. Now you know why my legs are getting so strong!