People Say Weird Things

This week we tried to work like loco (crazy), and had a lot of interesting experiences. First, Sister R. fell on the sidewalk and scraped all the skin off her knee. Then the next day it got all swollen and crazy so she got a priesthood blessing from our branch president. Then after church someone brought us to the doctor in São Lourenço to get it checked out. She was in a lot of pain, but when we arrived there she felt better, and when they did an x ray it showed that nothing was wrong at all. She got the wound cleaned and we went home. It was a blessing that she felt better almost instantly. the Lord really answers our prayers when we exercise faith. Sister R. also got lice which has been super fun to take care of.
M.–who has been taking the lessons–decided yesterday that he wanted to stay home and drink instead of go to church. This week will be his last chance week, because there are a lot of people we could be focusing on if he doesn’t want to change yet. Our other person taking the lessons, W., is progressing really well! He will be baptized on Wednesday if he can actually stop smoking.

An old man with a walking stick came up to us while we were talking to some investigators, and started telling us that he owns two houses on the beach in Rio, and three houses in Juquitiba and that he was married 5 times and has 7 kids… Then he told us to call him when we need to walk home and he´ll go with us and defend us with his stick. This guy weighs about 70 pounds, so I think we´ll pass.

A drunk brother of a recent convert told us about his desire to get married. He doesn´t want to marry an American or a Banana (women from the area of Brazil called Bahia who are considered really gorgeous) or a Mexican. He wants to marry an old Japanese woman who will stay home and watch soap operas while he goes on the street to drink. A woman who will make food and clean his house (BUT, he said, he´s not racist)… Alrighty then.
Another man said a prayer in one of our lessons but was speaking in slang to God ´Tá ligado , Senhor?´ (“You listening, God?” But it’s a really slang, ghetto kind of phrase.)
Another person told us when he wakes up but is still tired, he´ll go to the bathroom and sleep on the toilet.
People say some weird stuff, but honestly one of the things I like best about being a missionary is getting to know all sorts of people.

Not much happened this week. It´s supposed to finally cool down this week but we´ll see what actually happens.

Muito amor,

Sister Westenhaver

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