8 February, 2016

Hello everyone! I hope all is well.

Here, I am still dying of heat. That probably won´t change soon. Also
this week is Carnaval. But no one here does anything so we´ll be doing
work as normal. But don´t worry, I´ll stay out of the sketchier parts
of my area after dark.

I love my companion, Sister Knighton! She´s hilarious and we probably
spend a little too much time speaking English, but oh well. And she´s
going to BYU after she goes home in May, so we´ll be able to keep in
This week´s work was hard. We ran around trying to catch up with
everything, and it was a little chaotic, because I got a cold in the
middle of the week and was coughing up a storm. But I´m all better
now. Mostly.
I tell you what though. Saturday is so hard. We run around confirming
people for church and teaching them that SOMETHING will happen that
night or Sunday morning to keep them from going to church, and to
remember that they can resist, and that they should go anyways. Then
they say “No, I´ll go for sure.” And we say “Are you a man of your
word” And they´re like “YEAH” and then… they don´t go to church
anyways. It´s SO SAD. Like, just go… You won´t regret it. You´ll
love it!
But it´s all good. I´m working on my patience and positive attitude.
Oh I forgot. There´s this little 8-year-old who always goes to church
alone, so we were teaching him one day about prayer. And we said “And
you can ask God for whatever things you need to what you want.” And
then he said “A bicycle!” And I was just like “Sure…” But now he has
a bike! And he seriously rides it for hours every day.
We´ve got some great investigators who we´re working with. This one
guy, knowing we´re Americans, bought what he thought was peanut butter
for us. It was, but it´s totally different than American peanut
Also I seriously love rice and beans now. It´s just so versatile, and
yummy. People just pile it on their plates here, and mix it with
everything, meat, fried mandioca, salad. Just eat it all mixed. It´s
actually great.
Well that´s all for now.
“And this is the account of Ammon and his brethren, their journeyings
in the land of Nephi, their sufferings in the land, their sorrows, and
their afflictions, and their incomprehensible joy…” (Alma 28:8)
that basically sums up a mission.


Sister West

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