28 December 2015

This week was just downright weird. It was very hard to find people at home, and both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we had to go home by 6pm, because people like to drink and set off fireworks in the street. Like if I didn´t wear earplugs every night i would have had trouble sleeping.

But Tuesday we had mission Christmas! We had a talent show. I did a thing! It´s hard to explain, but basically I can play music with my teeth. Everyone tap on your front tooth with your index fingernail. Notice that there is a pitch. I somehow learned to change that pitch, so I played “Called to Serve” and everyone thought it was awesome.

There were also zones who “sung” and some other stuff that I forgot. (I say “sung” in quotation marks because not many Brazilians have a good sense of pitch or can read music. That´s what happens when schools don´t teach music.) But then we watched the First Presidency devotional. The music was on point! I love “In the Bleak Midwinter”! And we ate lunch” churrasco (bbque), salad, rice and beans, the usual. And we had brownies and ice cream for dessert!! YESSS. But then we had some more talks and music and stuff. It was great!

Christmas Eve was uneventful. I made a cake once we went home, and opened my presents. Thanks Mom!! Here that´s when they open them.
Christmas Day we went and sung Christmas carols at a bus terminal! It was great! But because I´m not accustomed to singing for long periods of time anymore I almost lost my voice. We had lunch with some great members, who kept insisting we eat more! Then we called our families from our ward mission leader´s home, but turns out his internet wasn´t really powerful enough so I had to turn the camera off, and just talk like on the phone. That was a bummer. But it was so nice to talk to everyone. I even got to talk to York in Portuguese and impress my family! Haha.
So the reason why Christmas is so important is that we have a chance to remember the Savior´s birth, but the more significant part of his life came after. He really did pay the price for all of our sins. He felt every pain, shame, sadness, and awful thing we´ve ever felt. He paid the price for justice so that we don´t have to suffer eternal consequences for our sins if we will just repent! He already paid; it´s covered. All you have to do it repent! It´s often easier said than done, but I invite all of you, if there´s anything bugging you, take care of it. Talk to your father in Heaven, and He´ll help you resolve it. This will be a new year! Start fresh.
I love Jesus Christ. He is truly the Redeemer of the World.
Sister West
P.S. You know you´re a broke missionary when you´re using paperclips as clothespins. Haha

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