15 February, 2016

This week was HOT. I shouldn´t start every email like that, but it really was hot. I don´t think an hour passes that I´m not sweaty. The problem here is that we´re in the city and there´s no wind. We´re surrounded by concrete, so it´s kind of like we´re just inside an
oven. I sent a picture of what our area looks like. Other than that, we had a multi-zone conference and I came away feeling super motivated to talk to literally everyone in the street and be super bold and everything. We ate lunch at the meeting, it was all great.
Then, the next day, and over the weekend, I, along with at least 40 other missionaries, got sick from food poisoning or something. Basically half our mission was incapacitated. Yikes. But it´s okay, I´m all better now. I´m just all kinds of sick here. Haha.

But yeah, we´re continuing to work with our awesome married couple, but we´ve had to drop A LOT of uncommitted people this week. We had a great integration activity this weekend, and one member brought a coworker, Rosa, who we taught yesterday, and who accepted a baptismal date. Also, a man that came to church last week came again this week, and brought a friend with him! A friend who has EIGHT kids. Wow, we´re gonna jump on teaching him. It´s much better to baptize families! Families are eternal!
India Sergio Michelle
We´ve got some good prospects, but of course I´ll probably get transferred this coming week… Who knows.
We ate some great churrasco yesterday with this awesome family in our ward, who have a daughter, Leticia, who is putting in her papers any day now (i’ll include a picture of her). I love the members here. They´re so kind, funny, and strong in the Gospel. The church really is the same wherever you go. People are great.
I want to bare you my testimony in Portuguese even though most of you won´t understand. Eu sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta de Deus, e por meio dele a
igreja de Jesus Cristo foi restaurado aqui na Terra. Eu sei que nós temos um profeta hoje, que se chama Thomas S. Monson. Eu sei que Jesus Cristo é nosso Salvador, e que Ele vive. Eu sei que Deus nos conhece e nos ama. Eu sei que se nós seguimos o plano de Deus, nos possamos viver com nossas famílias na presença Dele para sempre. Eu digo estas coisas em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amem. 

Muito amor,

Sister Westenhaver

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