2 October, 2015

Hi Everyone!
The craziest part of this week was definitely proselyting. We got on a bus with four copies of the Book of Mormon each, and got off at a huge bus and metro stop. Our instructor, Irmao A. was with us. My companion and I were so terrified of going up and talking to people that our instructor had to walk up with us. But then after that first time, we weren´t so terrified. We gave away our 8 copies in an hour. It was so loud we couldn´t hear a lot of people and sometimes we just plain couldn´t understnad them, and they could tell we didn´t really speak Portuguese, but we only got rejected 3 times! People here are nice and everyone we talked to believes in God and Christ. It was cool and THE LITERAL most terrifying experience of my life. Seriously.
It did hurt a little when some of them told us they only understood a little bit of what we were saying. But oh well. But also I didn´t realize I have no idea how to make small talk. What do you ask people about themselves??? Neither of us really have any idea.
My companion and I are getting a lot better at speaking in sentences with conjugate verbs and everything, but it´s still a struggle. It´s going to be tough for the first few months, I can tell.
I see York pretty often but not a ton. He seems like he´s doing well and the elders in his district are really cool.
We got a new sister in our district this week. She’s really cool and is super tall. But it meant that the 3 of them had to move out of our room. Now Sister H. and I have a room all to ourselves, which is awesome, but also means we keep staying up too late talking. Oops.
Yeah, about the porridge York keeps talking about? I don´t eat it. It´s gross.
Also our MTC president and his wife are awesome! They´re american, and they speak English and Portuguese to us. It just depends. The devotionals are in Portuguese though. Also I loved the funeral for Elder Scott. It was really nice, and I´m glad we got to watch it.
We went to the temple today, and it was awesome sitting in the celestial room. I was praying and I realized that what I want most is to be able to serve these people with my whole heart. I don´t want to be scared and reluctant. So that´s what I´m going to try and work on. Ugh. It´s going to difficult. It´s hard not to revert to my introverted self when I don´t even speak the language. But I know it will be okay with daily help from Heavenly Father.
Love you all! Hope you´re doing great.
Sister West

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