9 October, 2015

SAM_0132Hello!!!  General Conference was awesome! We watched conference in portugues but the English speakers had headphones to listen in English. It was great! I especially liked Larry Lawrence´s talk about making small changes to your life. I decided that this week I was going to work on complaining less and finding more joy in my life. And I have! Ít’s really cool to make an effort to see the world in a more positive light, and I plan to keep continuing doing that. I also liked Elder Christofferson, Nelson, and Eyring’s talks.

We had the best lunch a couple of days ago! Nachos made with Doritos! And there was salsa and
avocado on the side. SO GOOD. The food really is hit or miss here….



Here’s something significant! In case you can´t tell from the pictures I´ve been sending, I´ve actually dropped some weight since I´ve gotten here. About 6 or 7 pounds, actually! Amazing what 45 minutes of exercise can do for you, 5 times a week. I love exercise time actually. Afterwards we get time to shower with way fewer people than normal, and we all just sing in the showers. Mostly Disney songs.

My companion and I have been sitting by York and his district at meals quite frequently. It´s so cool having him here! He´s a funny guy.

We only have 1.5 weeks left until the field. I can’t believe it!

Teaching is getting easier as we learn the lessons better. Some of them we don´t really know yet, but we´re getting there. Portuguese is going all right. We´re learning verb tenses which is great, but I feel like I´m limited to a certain pool of words and I wish my vocabulary were bigger. That will come with time though, I know. We have this cool thing we´re doing where we pick a person (a non-member) we know and pretend to be an investigator being taught by other people in our district. It´s really eye-opening to see things from the perspective of someone who isn´t familiar with the Gospel or the church, and try and understand how I can help them out better with understanding.

Missionaries sure pray a lot. I should count how many times a day…

We got two new roommates. One is Brazilian and lives in York´s mission, and the other is Latina. They seem nice, and quiet. And they don´t complain when we leave the window open and the fan on at night. Which is great because it gets very hot in that room! Some of our lessons are recorded and we watch them the next day. I wish I could send you guys the video so you could be all impressed with the amount of Portuguese I can speak. All right that´s all for now!!! I love you guys. Keep me posted.

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