25 Sept. 2015

Dear Everyone,

This week I´m starting to finally get into the swing of things.

The Portuguese is coming more easily, and our lessons get better every day. Right now we´re teaching this “investigator” named Vinicius (who is actually just our instructor pretending to be an investigator) and he´d already committed to being baptized, but yesterday he told us he prayed about the church and Joseph Smith and knows it´s all true. I wanted to cry even though he isn´t a real investigator. And he understood the Plan of Salvation when we taught it to him, and he didn´t seem to have any problems. I´m worried some bad thing is gonna happen, like we´re going to discover that he has some kind of problem with the Word of Wisdom or that he asks weird questions about polygamy or something.

We also started TRC, where we have 30 minutes to chat with and teach a lesson to a member. It´s a little stressful, but it gets easier once you get in the room. But the next day we have to watch the video recording of it and fill out a paper about what we could do better.

The food is all right, despite what York will tell you. It´s honestly a little strange sometimes. They seem to only eat jello products for dessert.

It poured rain today on the way back from the temple.

OKAY. The WORST THING. Our rooms are not air conditioned. We have to open the window and turn on the ratchet fan that we have in there. And it´s still like 80 degrees in there so I sleep  without any sheets or anything covering my body and still wake up all sweaty.  I’m so glad to get two hot summers in a row: first Texas and now South America!

India’s District


It´s really strange because sometimes time feels like it´s going so slowly during class, but then it´s the end of a day before you realize it. It´s already been 2 weeks??? Weird.
My favorite part of the day is when we have physical activity. I ran 3 straight laps around the track the other day! And I´ve been doing those exercises that Brother Winward told me to do. I´ve never had sore muscles on my hips. I don´t think I even knew I had muscles there. Hopefully they´ll help me out.

India doing her exercises to keep her hips and knees strong.

My companion is the one with brown hair. It´s actually about the same shade as mine, but it looks darker in pictures. She´s awesome and we get along really well. She´s super weird (in a good way) and is also very friendly.

All right that´s all I have to say for now.

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