The Week I Almost Got A Rabies Shot

So first I will address the title of this because I don´t want anyone freaking out. Yes, a dog bit me on Friday. I´ve seen this dog before on the streets many times. But he wears a collar and I know where he lives. So he was sitting by an investigator. And since I´m still used to dogs who behave well, I without thinking reach out to pet the dog. He doesn´t give any signs that he´s angry. And so then he bites me. Just a TINY little bite on my hand. And I go and wash it. But then I told my district leader who told me to call the Secretary of Health. He said I´d be fine but if it got worse to call again. But then Sister Dalton told the Secretary to tell me to go to the hospital to get it looked at. So Sunday after church we went to the hospital and waited for an hour and a half. The verdict was since there were no signs of infection and it had already been 2 days, I didn´t need any vaccines. Just a couple of prescriptions. WHEW. Anyone who knows me knows that I detest anything having to do with needles. So yeah I´m all good.

This week I got a new companion! She´s from Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I´m gonna try learning some Spanish. She loves training new missionaries, and working hard, so this week was great! I honestly have never been happier on my mission. I feel more comfortable talking, and although I kind of have to plan everything (since she doesn´t know the area yet) it was a great week. I felt like every day I really gave it all I had, which is the primary indicator that you´re being a successful missionary. She´s a very humble person and the first thing she said to me when we arrived at home after grocery shopping: “I only have one rule: what´s mine is yours.” That really took me aback; clearly I´ve got a lot to learn here. It´s a different thing when you both buy food but you cook stuff together and share everything. It´s nice!
So we had 3 investigators in the chapel yesterday, which is a great improvement. Viviane wasn´t there (she´s losing her interest) but her friend Laila was! She´s got a lot to learn still but she liked Young Women´s and Sacrament meeting a lot. She´s pretty great!
Also the bishop called me Saturday night and asked me to give a 10-minute talk in Sacrament about how members can get involved in missionary work. With our new mission standard of 20 lessons with a member present per week, I was happy to talk about that! Wasn´t excited to talk in Portuguese, but whatever. I can´t keep being embarrassed about the fact that I´m not fluent. After Sacrament we arranged to have a member with us almost every day! Hallelujah.
I honestly don´t even have a lot to say today because this week was kind of a blur. But I hope everybody has a great Christmas! I love you all! Don´t forget to just think about the real purpose of the holiday. That 2015 years ago the SAvior of the world was born. Just think of him, the most perfect little baby ever to exist, and how no one knew exactly the gravity of the situation. He lived and died for all of us! He felt every pain you´ve ever felt, and he knows you. He would have done the Atonement all over again if that would ensure that you individually would be able to live with God again! And guess what, we can!! We can repent and be clean through His sacrifice. You can choose to follow Him and he will lead you in the path of eternal life. I know he lives and he truly is our Redeemer.
Tchau, e Bom Natal!
Sister Westenhaver

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