14 December 2015

Wow, it´s already almost Christmas? And I´ve already been here 3 months? These three past months have seemed simultaneously like the slowest and fastest time of my life. It´s hard to explain. But yeah, I´m already a sixth of the way there!

OK, So this week was PRETTY ROUGH. My companion had some health issues going on, so we didn´t work nearly as much as I would have liked. But we have some promising investigators. Viviane is 13 and we talked to her on the street a few weeks back. We visited her again about a week ago, and to our delight, she had read the pamphlet we left, and prayed about the Restoration like we asked, and she received an answer and recognized it! She´s eager to learn and always has great questions. One time we taught her and a couple friends, and a sister, and her friend Laila is actually interested also! She wants to be baptized too, and is keeping her commitments. The caveat… We wanted to baptize them both next week, but they haven´t gone to church yet. They were both so excited to go, but then that dang opposition… Viviane was sleeping and her mom wouldn´t wake her up for us. And someone asked Laila to babysit (I think it was her neighbor who was about to have a baby)… So they can´t be baptized yet. But I like these two girls a lot.
We´ve been reading the Book of Mormon with our recent convert, Albert. He likes it a lot, and reads every day. This week the Bishop is gonna interview him, and set some goals as to when he can receive the Aaronic priesthood (the priesthood is authority from God given to men to guide the church, and to perform ordinances like baptism). He´s super great and I can tell he´s gonna stay strong in the church.
One annoying thing. Literally nothing made of tomatoes here is good. I bought prepackaged tomato sauce. Terrible. I bought diced tomatoes to make my own tomato sauce. TERRIBLE TOO. What do I do here? I need marinara sauce.
Also I´ve been craving pizza like crazy. Seriously, the pizza here with the chocolate filled crust is to die for. Mom, try making pizza for the kids one day and put pieces of chocolate or chocoalte chips in the crust. Then you´ll understand.
Also, my companion is being transferred tomorrow! There are a couple of sisters going home (they extended their missions by 2 weeks) so Presidente had to do some flip-flopping. It will be good to get the experience of a new trainer, but I´m nervous becasue now I´ll be the senior in the area, and this week I have to keep the phone on me, make plans, and show my new comp the area. Gulp. I hate answering phones. And it´s super hard to understand Portugues over the phone. Super muffled and fast. But I´ll be okay. After about a week she´ll be able to take the lead.
That´s it for now. Hope you all have a good week. Please talk to me! I´d love to hear from you!

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