4 April 2016


Wow, how great was that General Conference?? I loved every session and every talk. There were so many things that not only I needed to hear, but also our investigators needed. Problem is, only 2 of them went to conference… Sigh.
This week was great. We taught some great lessons and made some progress, but a couple of our investigators are really having problems with stopping drinking. Good thing we have our recent convert, Roberto, who has a testimony of fire and experience with overcoming addiction!
Also, transfer calls went out yesterday. Our mission president is really happy with the work Sister R. and I are doing, so in spite of the fact that she has been in this area for 7 months, she and I will be staying together. Which makes it 3 months that I have had an American companion. It´s a wonder I still speak Portuguese. Just kidding, we speak it a lot.


Sister R. and I are both really firm, kind of stubborn sisters, so we work really well together with all these investigators with Word of Wisdom problems.  I like Sister Rigel a lot. Occasionally we butt heads, but that´s always the case with 2 strong personalities. I think we´re gonna stay friends for a long time.

We found this great new investigator, Elaine, who has 6 kids! She believes what we´ve taught her and so far she´s keeping all the commitments we´ve given her. She even went to conference with us yesterday.
Our work is going forward, and I´m really happy to be here.

Love you all! Keep me informed about what´s going on in your lives!

Sister West

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