21 March 2016

India 6 month mark
My six month mark of being on a mission just passed!
We had a baptism this week!! This guy, whom I will call Roberto, is someone we´ve been
working with since I got here. He had some addictions to clear up, but once he set his mind to it, he quit, and turned his life around. I´ve never seen faith like he has.
So Friday night we walked around for almost an hour looking for Roberto, and didn´t find him!! Then we said a prayer in the street, and a couple minutes later a young man from our ward found Roberto and made him call us! Then we met and talked with him to see how he was doing. And, wow… He started talking about the Book of Mormon, which he had evidently started reading. He was talking about Lehi´s vision of the tree of life, and all the symbolism, and he understood everything!! He said it was because he prays before reading every time! He was so excited, and we were too, obviously, to see him being more and more truly converted before our very eyes.
The Book of Mormon really is the key to all this. With a testimony of the truthfulness of
the Book, you can know of a surety that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God, and that is the church of Christ on the earth once more.
Roberto was baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday. It was amazing! Because we had to spend so much time getting him ready for his baptism, we didn´t really have time to do much else… So this week we´re gonna be making up for a lot of slack.
     India Baptism Rodrigo
We also had our interview meeting with Pres Dalton, and Sister Dalton had made us all sugar cookies!! It was so great to eat cookies again! Also, I bought some peanut butter from her a few weeks back (Sam´s Club here sells it), and I finally received it at the meeting. I´ve
been enjoying some great tapioca tortillas with peanut butter and nutella. Yum!
Also, I´m, starting to think that I´ll probably keep making rice and beans when I get home. Such an easy way to fill your plate and it goes with everything.
Our branch president has a borracharia, a place where they repair and change tires. We painted it bright blue as a service project!
India Blue shop Juquitiba
Every week I love this work more and more, and I love Christ more and more as I help people to understand his Atonement. Sometimes I think about the fact that I live in Brasil and am actually biligual, and it seems really surreal. But I´m really glad I´m here.


Sister West

Here’s the living room of my apartment:
India Apt Juquitiba

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