20 October 2015

India and Daltons

I only have a couple minutes to write you guys, and I didn´t get to read anything. But just so you know I´m alive, and not too freaked out yet. Well I was and then I felt good and then I was afraid again. It´s SO HARD to understand these people when they talk at normal speed. Presidente Dalton said that these first 2 transfers (the first 12 weeks) will be the hardest of my mission and possibly of my life. Prayers would be appreciated. I think I´ll be okay! My companion seems very sweet so far! She only has 4 months left on her mission. I hope she´ll be a good trainer. Hope everything is going well at home or wherever you are as this email reaches you! Love you all! Talk to you next Monday, if I´m still alive.

India and comp

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