India’s First Letter Home

A few hours after India arrived at the MTC, they had a little rest, got unpacked and got to send the first email home. Nothing has ever made me so happy to receive!

Ola, Mae e Pai! I´m here in the CTM safe and sound, and all unpacked. But I can´t find one of my towels. I saw it earlier though in one of my suitcases. It´s pretty here and very cool right now. My companion is Sister H., the same girl I sat by on the flight down here. We had a couple hours to get settled, shower, and rest a little bit. I share a room with one other companionship so far.

We don´t have a lot of time to email. But I´m okay, so is York, and I will be fine once I get busy learning portugues. Also thanks for the birthday presents. I´m going to love opening them tomorrow. My roommate Sister G. brought streamers and she said they´re going to sing to me… yay…

Another thing, We can´t send pictures from the CTM. It´s a weird rule, but there you go…. Kinda annoying.

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